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  • Chicken Biryani

    Popular Indian dish prepared with tender flavorsome chicken marinated with creamy yogurt, spices, layered with aromatic rice, topped with kewda water (extract from pandanus flowers similar to rose water).

    A rich delight to your mood.

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  • Lamb Biryani

    A Mughali delicious combination of lean cut succulent mutton/lamb chunks marinated with special masalas, cooked with premium rice, and garnished with fresh herbs.

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  • Mutton / Goat Biryani

    A Plate of steaming hot basmati rice, layered with mutton/goat pieces of your choice, cooked with flavors, served with love.

    From the streets of Nawab’s  – Lucknow.

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  • Veg. Biryani

    The authentic signature dish of Hyderabadi – dum biryani.

    Prepared with long grain basmati rice, freshly picked vegetables, cooked with yogurt, whole / grounded spices, and enhances the taste with dry plum for biryani lovers.

    Can be made Vegan, if requested.

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