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  • Chilly Vinegar Chutney

    A flavor buster of (akki laal) whole red chilies, salt, vinegar.   
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  • Green Sauce

    A fresh sauce prepared with chopped herbs, raw cilantro, ginger, garlic, and lime juice.
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  • Papaddum

     Thin, crisp, round flatbread from streets of India. A seasoned dough made from dried lentils…
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  • Pickle

     Finest Flavor of Indian Tradition. Made from a variety of vegetables and fruits, preserved in…
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  • Raita

    Indian famous condiment (raita) prepared with yogurt mixed with roasted cumin powder, veggies like onions,…
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  • Rice Bowl

    Basmati rice from the Indian subcontinent is long, slender-grained aromatic rice. Wherever you eat in…
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  • Tamarind Sauce

    Thick consistent sauce, impacts perfect tanginess and sweetness of jiggery  to your dishes.  
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